Why invest in HMS?

Technology is evolving, and new, smart solutions are opening up new opportunities for users. HMS products and solutions make it all possible.


Five reasons to invest in HMS


1. More and more communication is needed

Trends such as the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 mean that more devices need to be connected. HMS is already the trusted communication partner to the world's largest industrial companies which offers many opportunities for the future.

2. Established leader in industrial communication

Many industrial companies have standardized on HMS Anybus and IXXAT products providing a solid financial status.

3. World-wide presence

HMS Networks has established sales channels in more than 50 countries.

4. Star candidates under development

Large market potential in the growing segments of remote management and safety solutions.

5. At the forefront of innovation

HMS has a proven track record of innovation and is steadily bringing new inventions to the market.


Continued growth and major investments for the future

My perspective - Staffan Dahlström, CEO at HMS 

Future investments

We continue to increase our market presence, not only by adding more resources to our major markets such as Germany, the US and Japan, but also through new initiatives such as our new offices in Singapore, Seoul and Dubai which were opened in 2018/2019. Although HMS has made major investments in product development, sales and marketing, our profitability continues to develop well, with an operating margin of 18%. In terms of manufacturing, the year has been challenging due to very long delivery times in the electronic components market. Thanks to a strong internal focus and rapid build-up of a buffer stock, our customers have not been affected by any major delivery delays.


During the year, we continued our sustainability efforts, which are based on the GRI Guidelines adopted by the UN. HMS sees this as a natural continuation of our long-standing commitment to sustainability. The strategy includes being a good employer and taking environmental responsibility, as well as using sustainable solutions in our production facilities and other operations. Our primary focus is to continue to develop solutions that help our customers reduce their resource utilization and energy consumption while increasing productivity. This is an area where HMS can really make a difference.

New technologies

During the year, we worked on fifth-generation mobile telephony (5G) with several leading telecom companies. As a technology, 5G has excellent industrial communication capabilities and we believe that 5G will play an increasingly important role in industrial applications over the next 5 years. This applies both to critical applications associated with high demands for time synchronization and security and to applications where lots of data from sensors must be collected to enable statistical applications that simplify maintenance.


During the year, HMS acquired 100% of German technology company Beck IPC GmbH. Beck’s market-leading technology allows customers to easily and securely create new IIoT solutions, that support storing data both locally in the factory and in the cloud. The data can also be analyzed and visualized. The technology will be integrated into HMS’s offering in the coming years and become an important part of our Industrial Internet of Things technology platform.

Staffan Dahlström

Perspectives from around the world - Why Invest in HMS



Smart, sustainable solutions

"On the European market, there are many ongoing initiatives to connect a large number of “Things” like controllers, actuators and sensors. This will generate strong growth for connectivity solutions like ours. New, upcoming technologies like 5G will drive this growth further and we are very well positioned with our IIoT solutions. Together with our partner network, we can offer complete, secure and flexible solutions that help major enterprises save money and be more sustainable."

- Thilo Döring, General Manager, Market Unit Continental Europe



Increased digitalization globally

"East and South Asia are the fastest growing economies globally and they are constantly using digitalization to enable higher productivity and improve sustainability. This requires proven communication and IIoT solutions. HMS is increasing its presence in Asia and and already has a strong reputation as a provider of digitalization solutions for the industrial sector. Combined with favorable economic conditions in the region, HMS has a good position for growth in Asia in the coming years."

- Bartek S.Candell, General Manager, Market Unit Asia



Strong brands and market position

"HMS’s strong product portfolio and market position combined with our strategy for continuously broadening our offer create the best possible platform for future success. New focus areas such as building automation and IIoT provide opportunities to grow beyond our well-established markets and will ensure future growth."

- Martin Hoffert, General Manager, Market Unit Northern Europe and Rest of the World

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Five reasons to invest in HMS

With a business concept in line with the future and a proven track record of innovation, HMS is a company aiming for future growth.
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